.: Testimonials

Just wanted to say a big thanks for the printer repair – really chuffed it is back to working tip top!

I did a test print, and it was so quiet, I had to double check it was actually printing! Anyway, just wanted to say that, you sir, are a Super Hero, and you really should consider going about in a cape with a mask and stuff Captain Printer!

Joking apart, many thanks for all your help – it was really very greatly appreciated.
– Ian Turnbull | Big! Huge! Massive! www.big-huge-massive.com/

Alistair from intu IT was friendly and couldn’t have been more
reassuring about his knowledge about the system. – Personal Customer

I am very pleased to be able to inform you, that our Computer was delivered
to us by Alistair (what a fine young man he is) Alistair delivered, unpacked, set up,& gave us a Comprehensive description of what we should and should not do, he also answered all the questions that we had ready for him. 

Alistair, also left us that day, in no doubt that we had, had our Computer built, by a Company second to none. – 3rd Parties customer